How Nursing Staff Accelerated Consults to Spend Less Time on the Phone and More Time Bedside

A BeckonCall Success Story

“There are so many times that we page a doctor and have to wait 30-45 minutes just to get a one word answer. BeckonCall allows us to communicate with specialists and on-call physicians in seconds with secure texting.

It’s so different than using something like TigerText; BeckonCall automatically knows who is on-call, without us having to guess or spend unnecessary time looking it up.”

— Jessica Geissberger

BSN, RN, HonorHealth

The Challenge

“In healthcare, time is everything”

At multiple hospitals in the Phoenix-area, inefficiencies in caregiver communications were causing delays. Nurses spent a significant portion of their day contacting physicians, instead of focusing on patient care.

In order to contact an on-call physician, nurses searched in multiple different locations to find the correct telephone number, namely lengthy paper lists tacked to the wall and over-sized binders of unorganized and hand-scribbled contact information.

Once a nurse managed to retrieve the telephone number, they contacted the physician’s answering service, often spending precious time on hold. To make matters worse, the answering service live operators were not medically trained and frequently transcribed the nurse’s message incorrectly.

Delays of 20 to 30 minutes were typical before the answering service relayed the nurse’s message to the on-call physician. In this time, nurses became occupied with other patients, leading to phone tag with the physician.

Nurse to physician communication was complex, disjointed, and affecting throughput and patient outcomes.

The Solution

Several practices rounding at the hospitals began utilizing BeckonCall.

Through BeckonCall, nurses can search for the necessary practice or physician and send a message instantaneously from the nursing station to the doctor’s smartphone. Messages are automatically dispatched and delivered based on call schedules, taking the guesswork out of reaching the right provider.

As the platform is fully HIPAA-compliant, nurses can securely send relevant patient information to the physician without fear of data breaches.

BeckonCall does not simply act as a pager, but a live chat. Physicians can directly text back a response, not only to confirm they have received the message, but also with an answer or orders.

Nurses even have the option to flag their messages as urgent or non-urgent, assisting them in prioritizing their workflow according to various patient needs and conditions.

The Results


higher patient satisfaction

1 hour

of wasted time saved per nurse per shift

98 seconds

average physician response time


reduced code blue events per 1,000 discharges

With BeckonCall, communication between nurses and physicians is simpler and more efficient.

Overall, nurses say that BeckonCall saves each of them an hour a day, per nurse, per shift — an hour that they can use to spend less time at the nursing station attempting to contact physicians and more time at the bedside with patients.

Every floor that was trained had a different variation on the exact same comment: “We love BeckonCall! How do we get every doctor to use this?”

See how they did it

Download the full case study with step-by-step workflows

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