How HonorHealth Neurology’s Dr. Becker Saved Time and Improved Patient Satisfaction by Reinventing the Answering Service

A BeckonCall Success Story

“Being able to see a patient’s message in their own words and then respond right away from my phone, while protecting my privacy is great. Response time is so fast and patients love it. Imagine getting a response from your doctors in seconds — that’s great customer service!”

— Dr. Jeffrey Becker

HonorHealth Neurology

The Challenge

“There must be a better way”

As a neurologist, practicing for over 20 years, Dr. Jeffrey Becker found himself frustrated with the way communication is handled in healthcare.

When he left residency and went into practice, like most, he was carrying a pager and receiving messages through a live-operator answering service. A decade later, nothing had changed.

It started off with small annoyances. Dr. Becker was getting tired of being woken up in the middle of the night due to answering service operators dispatching messages to the wrong physicians. He was suffering from frequent calls when he was off-duty. Even if the answering service managed to deliver the message to the right physician, the content was often inaccurate, as the operators were not medically trained — causing confusion and further frustrating Dr. Becker.

Further, Dr. Becker was dealing with with extended on-hold times and “phone tag” when returning the calls from nurses. Worse still, the majority of the communications only required a one-word confirmation and did not warrant a time-consuming phone call.

The breaking point came when the answering service starting negatively affecting patient care. Dr. Becker’s busy neurology practice found themselves spending more time on hold, playing phone tag with nurses, and trying to track down messages that had gone to the wrong place, than with their patients.

He knew there had to be a better way.

The Solution

When Dr. Becker started looking for a better solution and couldn’t find something that fit his needs, he started to think to himself, “Why can’t I create it?” So he started doing some research into how clinical communication could be handled with more modern tools, like smartphones and apps, got a team together, and began to create “the better way.”

A few years later, after blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of coffee, BeckonCall was born. “My clinical communication is now immediate, lost and delayed messages have been eliminated, and I get to spend more time with my patients and family,” says Dr. Becker.

“We now have hundreds of physicians and practice managers using BeckonCall and we aren’t stopping there. It has helped my practice become more profitable through increased throughput, better patient satisfaction, and decreased monthly costs and I’m glad we can do the same for so many others.”

The Results


higher patient satisfaction

700+ hours

hours of wasted time saved per year


saved per year in answering service fees


decrease in errors, typos, and off-duty interruptions

With BeckonCall, HonorHealth Neurology are happier and more productive.

Overall, the physicians at HonorHealth Neurology say that BeckonCall saves each of them an hour a day — an hour that they can use to spend more time with patients.

Dr Becker says, “I am finally able to manage my clinical communication in a modern, efficient way. BeckonCall saves us time, makes life easier for our administrators, and helps me provide the best quality care to my patients.”

See how they did it

Download the full case study with step-by-step workflows

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