An Extra Hour a Day and Less Administrative Burden: How BeckonCall Became Dr. Nabavieh and His Hospitalist Group’s Secret Weapon

A BeckonCall Success Story

“BeckonCall is saving us phone calls and time. Nurses get a much quicker response and I know whether or not I really need to call. Before it was difficult to know if the incoming message warranted a phone conversation or not, now I can handle a lot of those via text only. It saves a lot of time and a lot of back and forth.”

— Dr. Arya Nabavieh

Managing Partner, Desert Hospitalists

The Frustration

“It’s a headache, but we’ve always done it this way.”

Dr. Arya Nabavieh, an internal medicine hospitalist, was sick of feeling out of control of his own clinical communication. “Our 6-physician hospitalist group had a few different tools that we patched together to get communication about patient care to the right place, none of which worked particularly well.”

The hospitalists were always receiving communication from nurses and HUCs–consults, admits, order changes–and soon inefficiencies caused by their patched together solutions were taking up a significant portion of their day.

“When our answering service would page out messages to us, there were consistently a lot of typos and missing information — often this was crucial information in urgent clinical messages. We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decipher messages, so we could take the next step correctly.” says Dr. Nabavieh.

Further, the hospitalists struggled with the answering service operators paging out messages to the wrong physician, often bothering them when they weren’t on duty and delaying patient care.

“It felt like we were out of control of our own patient’s care. As the physicians, we shouldn’t be reliant on operators that aren’t clinically trained to get us messages that are potentially urgent.”

“We wanted to be able to see the information we needed to advise on care, at a glance. Not have to call back and wait on hold or search frantically through the EMR to track it down. These days, we have enough administrative burden as physicians, so every inefficiency adds up.”

However, despite the frustration, Dr. Arya and his group had been carrying pagers and using a live operator answering service since they left residency. They figured that was just the way things were done.

The Solution

Dr. Nabavieh streamlined communication with BeckonCall, the only clinical communication solution designed by doctors for doctors.

“The first thing that struck me, was that BeckonCall is founded by physicians. Everything that they do has the physician in mind and that’s not something that you find with any other clinical communication solution. Many others are designed for the convenience of hospital administrators, IT, and everyone besides the clinician themselves.”

With BeckonCall the hospitalists control: what key information they receive, how and when the message is delivered, and the means by which they respond.

The hospitalists immediately recognized BeckonCall’s ease of use, the customizability to the way they practice, and knew that it was trusted by other physicians in their network.

They also realized that BeckonCall solved all of the existing problems they were having with their communication workflows. Dr. Nabavieh says, “Initially we were just looking for a new paging solution. However, we quickly realized that BeckonCall not only handled that part of things, but was a full replacement of our medical answering service.”

“It’s the only clinical communication tool that our practice needs to communicate with the hospital–we’ve eliminated the others!”

The Results


faster physician-nurse communication

2,000 hours

of wasted time saved per year


saved per year in answering service fees


decrease in errors, typos, and off-duty interruptions

With BeckonCall, the hospitalist’s communication is simpler and more efficient.

Overall, the hospitalists say that BeckonCall saves each of them an hour a day — an hour that they can use to spend more time with patients.

“We love BeckonCall! Now we handle our clinical communication faster and without the headaches. It has eliminated administrative burden and let us get back to our patients,” says Dr. Nabavieh.

See how they did it

Download the full case study with step-by-step workflows

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