Our Clinical Communication, Our Way: How Dr. Zoldos and His Group of Surgeons Reclaimed Their Time with BeckonCall

A BeckonCall Success Story

“When you return calls to the emergency room or to nursing stations, it was not uncommon using the telephone to be placed on hold. Now with BeckonCall, we securely text and communicate back and forth quite efficiently without hold times or phone tag.”

— Dr. Jozef Zoldos

Managing Partner, Arizona Center for Hand Surgery

The Frustration

“As our practice grew, so did our frustration.”

Dr. Zoldos and his group of hand surgeons were tired of bad clinical communication tools and processes wasting their time and delaying patient care.

“As surgeons, we frequently have to return calls to the emergency room. Using standard communication tools such as pagers or an answering service, the process was inefficient. There were delays in care stemming from hold times and phone tag. Pages frequently went to the wrong place and occasionally were so delayed (from the point the operator received the call to dispatching to us) that we missed consults,” says Dr. Zoldos.

“Some of the hospitals that we round at had secure messaging apps or mobile consult tools for us to use, but they weren’t great or built with physicians in mind. Plus, as physicians today we have enough on our plate, who needs 10-different logins or places to manage all of their clinical communication?”

Arizona Center for Hand Surgery is a high-volume practice of 10-surgeons that cover 12-hospitals.

“We have added several physicians to our practice and now perform surgeries at all of the major hospitals in the area, as well as see patients at our office. As our practice grew, so did our frustration with the current clinical communication tools available.”

Handling clinical communication with many disparate solutions, introduced human error and delays, that led to communication breakdowns and physicians getting fed up.

Dr. Zoldos knew they had to do something and found BeckonCall through recommendation from another physician.

The Solution

Arizona Center for Hand Surgery streamlined communication with BeckonCall, the only clinical communication solution designed by doctors for doctors.

Dr. Zoldos says, “Immediately, I could tell that BeckonCall was founded by a physician because it solved the problems no one else could. The other tools just put band-aids on things and never dug deep enough to understand what sort of communication solution would make practicing medicine simpler for doctors.”

Dr. Zoldos realized that BeckonCall could simplify their complex workflows, while keeping each physician happy with its customizability.

With BeckonCall the surgeons control: what key information they receive, how and when the message is delivered, and the means by which they respond.

Further, they could throw out the pagers, ditch the answering service, and say “no thanks” to all of the secure messaging solutions encouraged by hospitals and other non-physicians. Now, the surgeons manage everything in one place according to their rules.

“We use BeckonCall from everything to consults from hospitals to after-hours messages from patients. We use BeckonCall all day–it handles our clinical communication from end-to-end!”

The Results


faster physician-hospital communication

3,650 hours

of wasted time saved per year


saved per year in answering service fees


decrease in errors, typos, and off-duty interruptions

With BeckonCall, Arizona Center for Hand Surgery’s clinical communication is simpler and more efficient.

Overall, the surgeons say that BeckonCall saves each of them an hour a day and reduces time to treatment, especially when coordinating with emergency departments.

“I would recommend BeckonCall to any practice that needs to communicate with hospital staff or patients. BeckonCall just makes it easier and more efficient to communicate back and forth as a physician.” says Dr. Zoldos.

“BeckonCall is an easy to use product from a provider standpoint, as well as from an office staff standpoint, and also provides the office with significant cost savings at the same time.”

See how they did it

Download the full case study with step-by-step workflows

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